We're always dreaming of days spent at the beach in summer, so to learn how to style the latest fashion trends for warmer weather head to

Ne pas vieillir de la même façon

Summer is so close, I can almost taste the sea salt in my mouth. Bring on the heat, water, and relaxing days with my best friends! Bring me summer, nowwww!

Enjoy the sun, the beach, the weather. just enjoy life, because it's great when you're having fun!

L:C Beach Bums | Beach Picnic

Go on a mini getaway to El Matador Beach and have a picnic with friends.

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My best friend has a place at The Lake of the Ozarks. I Have been going for about 20 years. Only girls are allowed. I look forward to it every year.

Best friends, clear day on a boat, #SpringBreak || ♕∙↠ Bella Montreal ↞∙♕

This white and blue picture with two friends on a boat makes me happy. I feel like they are at peace on the ocean and are very carefree. It's a super cute photo.