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The sacred flame lies within a circle of great badlands and mountains. That which remained of the crater

Book 3 - The Outcroppings of the Rocky Fortress of Mountains that the Underlings have built up, the last place you can see real light before you enter their acropolis

Mundos fantásticos Stephan Martiniere. (via Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas)

Pictures and drawings, art and creative advertising Fantasy worlds Stephan Martiniere

Destroyer Of Worlds

David and Goliath. All images copyright Tom Edwards 2012 HD: [link] Painted in Photoshop. About 3 hours I think. David and Goliath

Mist and fire and tall cliffy things make everything cooler

Cristi Balanescu is a concept artist who has worked for companies like Ubisoft and Fantasy Flight Games. Love his style. The rough stuff always gets to me.

I'm going to put myself here in my mind next time in stressed out.

Art by Jamshed Jurabaev. “ Jamshed Jurabaev is a professional concept artist, illustrator and matte painter located in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Jamshed is currently working as art-director at.

concept art: 27 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Dive into the mazing art of Dorje Bellbrook, Bungie concept artist, featuring a selection of concept art made for Destiny. You can browse our full Destiny

Spectrum 18: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

The separatists clung to the fringes of civilization, populating the easily defended mountains. They could put up with starving but lousy cell phone reception claimed many through suicide.