“Maglor, the most gentle and musically talented of the sons of Feanor but still far from being a pacifist. ” Modern!AU
Nimloth, niece of Celeborn and wife of Dior Eluchíl, mother of Elwing, Eluréd and Elurín, killed with her husband during kinslay
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Oropher and Thranduil by AnotherStranger-Me on deviantART
Thranduil by kazuo (Dakkun39)
Thranduil would be forever haunted by what he had seen at the Gates of Mordor in his youth, and was determined to protect his people from exposure to the horrors of War.
Eagles and dwarves
Oropher and small Thranduil -- Орофер и маленький Трандуил
This is for all the people who only knows Thranduil through Peter Jackson's movies, Thranduil is so much than a sass and drunken king! he is a legendary warrior who protected that land for thousand of years, he saw many wars before and if you read Tolkien could find an extraordinary King!
"I never forget you" ~ this is one of the most beautiful Thranduil fanart I've seen, props for LadyMintLeaf!