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Nostell Priory dolls house an Antique pice in England. Some of the furniture was made by Thomas Chippendale.

Fully furnished cabinet play kitchen made in Holland between 1670 and 1700.  ( I want it !!!! )

Dutch cabinet kitchen (Kitchen), (made). Fully furnished cabinet kitchen made in Holland between 1670 and Museum Number

I'm such a sinner coveting this armoire doll house.

armoire cabinet style dollhouse - Life after the scale dollhouse - Gallery - The Greenleaf Miniature Community

One of the oldest dollhouses currently intact (1693)

One of the oldest known intact doll houses is in the Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg, Germany. Known as the Stromer House, because it was presented to the museum by Baron von Stromer; its original owner is unknown, but it is dated

... German doll's house furniture maker - Schneegas of Waltershausen.  nataliesketchbook.blogspot.com

Antique Dolls House - Tate Baby House England, [Picture: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London]

Dutch baby house ...6 qw

Above, In Sara Ploos van Amstel-Rothé, a Dutch merchant's wife, employed a different craftsman each for the ivory work, copper and bra.

Aunt Ruthie - after the Lobotomy

The Innsmouth Look People with the "Innsmouth Look" look vaguely fish and/or frog like through the face, especially through the eyes. Inspired by H. Lovecraft's works, particularly "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"--wow odd looking people