Dancing Wave Building, Czech Republic, Prague

Dancing Wave Building, Czech Republic, Prague One of my all time favorites!

Czech Republic - Prague - Fred and Ginger 2 | by Darrell Godliman

How did they let Architects Frank Gehry and Vladimir Milunic get away with this in a city such as Prague. Don't get me wrong I love the buildings playfulness, it's just I couldn't see it happening in my hometown city of Oxford

I must visit this place in my lifetime. Strahov Library, Prague. I just want to sit in here all day long and read.

Just a library in Prague...

Klementinum Library (National Library of the Czech Republic), Prague. - photo via Art Design fb page

Fred and Ginger - Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic

The Nationale-Nederlanden building, designed by Frank Gehry and built in 1996 (also known as the Dancing House, the Drunk House, or Fred and Ginger).