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It's hurt...

Strong Friendships make me a happier person on a daily basis. Meeting new people and building positive relationships is just amazing to me. Having those people to talk has made a big difference in my life.

Each day We live is a gift , Thank God for getting you through the day

"Each day we live is a gift, so thank God in the morning for another day of life, and thank God in the evening for getting you through the day." I am very tha(.

Forever in my head keeping me in chains. Is there an escape?

You don't run. you confront them and face them and make them go away in the light of knowledge and truth. Just face them. They can't win if you do that. It may take awhile, but they can't win. I CANT DO THIS ~MACKENZIE

Be You!!! What everyone needs to realize at some point in their life. Many people spend their whole life pretending to be someone their not... Your wasting time trying to "FAKE" who you really are

Idea for my oldest child's room or a nice mirror phrase . Be You - Believe in Yourself.