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How can you not love ruffles after seeing this Chocolate Ruffle Cake with a Raspberry Chocolate Flower on top!

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Rose Cake Tutorial This would make a great bridal shower cake. This cake is not as difficult to make as you may think. Here is a great tutorial on how to make the roses.

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23 Wedding Cakes Decorated With Flowers

Stunning buttercream work! So elegant. Sisters Baking Co.: Andrea and Mikes Wedding Cake!

Would like this with a different color ribbon layer.not crazy about the peach color

Beautiful #wedding #Cake - love the ruffles and pink peonies!

Peony Wedding Flowers

Beautiful Cake Pictures: White Textures Layers Wedding Cake With Pink Peonies - Flower Cake, Wedding Cakes -

Rose petals ~ Amazing for coloring and love the texture.  An easy way to add just the right color shading to your cake.  You florist can help you choose the exact rose color your need.

Beautiful Cake Pictures: White Chocolate And Coral Rose Petals Cake - Chocolate Cake, Flower Cake, Wedding Cakes -

a perfect little wedding cake its just darling.  walking on sunshine:-)`

Weddbook ♥ This white wedding cake will perfectly suit your wedding theme. The top portion of the cake is completely decorates with sweet pink roses and white buds and petals, which will make sure that your wedding celebration is full of delight.

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pretty pink chandelier cake This one is too cool and you dont even have to be a decorator you just buy the food cricket.-- I want to make the flowers.

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Brides: Neon Wedding Cake with Pink Flower. Neon Wedding Cake in Citrus and Raspberry Colors .