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The Winding Tower of Shime Coal Mine

The Abandoned Shime Coal Mine Tower Intake Shaft of Tighten-Town in Japan

The Philippine Nuclear Power Plant

A factory was chosen to represent Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum, because Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum transports and manufactures proteins in a cell, just as factories manufacture and transport different objects to their destination.

Staff Building, Gesundheit! Institute, Hillsboro, West Virginia

A fabulous photographer, Joel Sternfeld. This is a piece from his series, "Sweet Earth: Experimental Utopias in America, 1982 to This is the Patch Adams Gesundheit! Institute in West Virginia, dedicated to healing with generosity and compassion.

abandoned beauty {between Bíldudalur and Þingeyri, Iceland} is a photo by Tom Kondrat

The most interesting pictures from Iceland. Photos of Reykjavík, photos of Icelandic People, pictures of Icelandic Nature and Iceland Travel. I'm heavily affiliated with Iceland and proud of it.

Jeff (Lear 2014)

Whatever old and/or abandoned industrial remains you have [ATTACH]

Old grain storage outhouse

Old grain storage outhouse

Archaeology Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia

Brutalist, Archaeology, Georgia, Buildings