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The King Is Coming

"Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you. Beaver, answering one of the Pevensie children's question about whether or not the lion Aslan was safe (Aslan represents God in the allegorical series The Chronicles of Narnia)

Lolcats: Are I what you wanted

Are I what you wanted

funny cat pictures - Lolcats: Are I what you wanted funny-cats-kitties


Fluffy cat breeds - My Norwegian Forest cat Boots is a twin to this beauteous vision of lovliness :)

Paws For Pets

15 Purrsome Cat Breeds That Behave Like Dogs – The CATDOGS

A girl with a pet bat? Or a bat with a pet girl? (Painting by Emily Winfield Martin) Kitten Stack Kittens

Silly kitty!!! Grapes aren't for cats.

Your cat will always feel good to have a share on your food but it is not at all a good sign. Here are Some Human Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Cat . They are really very harsh for the cats.

Dalaï Lama

frenchie cute punch art card ~ Stampin Up Flexing Feline Photography - Daniel Borris' Yoga Kitten Series is Cute and Full of Zen


The sweetest little princess ever. I love this picca and the name: the sweetest little princess ever.

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Omgoodness when I was in high school I put just a drop of red vegetable dye on my white Persian kitty & she looked just like this!