Erykah Badu on the 1 - - genius.

Erykah Badu on the 1 - - I just said to my daughter last night, I think she's a genius.

Erykah BADU

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Talib Kweli, Mos Def

Talib Kweli Mos Def together AKA BlackStar, some of the greatest in hip hop, one of my fav albums!

scarlett stevens - Google Search

Can sing and play drums. Anyone else in love with Scarlett Stevens of San Cisco?

Anita Baker and Jill Scott

Anita Baker and Jill Scott. Loved Anita Baker back in the day and love Jill Scott's voice now

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black and white dave grohl drums poster

Aretha Franklin

“Aretha Franklin, by Don Hunstein ”

Afeni and Tupac Shakur

Afeni and Tupac Shakur

There's a Place

The Beatles - Ringo Starr

Sandy Vu, Dum Dum Girls

Girl on drums - Sandy Vu

Cindy Blackman...just pure badass.

Puss in Boots Cindy Blackman.just pure badass.

Learn how to play the drums...

Learn how to play the drums...

theswinginsixties:    Joanie Labine, the first female DJ at the Whiskey, 1965.

Joanie Labine, first female DJ at the Whiskey 1965


Karen Carpenter played drums when few women publicly sat at a drumkit on stage. 50 years later, still very few women are drummers.

Ten On Ten

Ten On Ten

I still have the magazine from where this picture came from..LOL

I can say that this is 'vintage' Jill Scott.