LEE HI gorgeous girl

Looks like Lee Hi is very close to a comeback after 3 long years!Last month, YG Entertainment confirmed Lee Hi was…

Lee Hi-Rose

Lee Hi-Rose

Lee Hi

Lee Hi

Lee Hi

Super Rookie Lee Hi doubles up on Busker Busker’s record of consecutive days at


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Lee Hi - Vogue Girl Magazine May Issue ‘13

Lee Hi Transforms Into a Cute, Pink Girl for the Fashion Magazine Vogue Girl - 2013 May Issue

Lee Hi Says She Was Surprised to Hear Jonghyun Wrote “Breathe”

Lee Hi 이하이 accused of plagiarism with her song Hold My Hand . A video making the comparison of the song Lee Hi "Hold My Hand" .


old picture of hayi and snowman she and ikon built, they used to hang out together and thats cute, hope they still do these days