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Sphynx Cat http://stores.ebay.es/VIP-EROTICSTORE?_rdc=1

* * "Me stills be waitin'!" [HOBBY: Keeping flies out of his mouth.

Yawn and stretch || Desert Lily Vintage

"If stretching were wealth, the cat would be rich." --African Proverb Source by krittermc

devon rex, never thought I'd want a cat more than a dog, but fallen in love with Devon Rex

American Shorthair Cat Breeds

A compromise: Devin Rex Interesting Facts about Devon Rex Cats Click the picture to read

need a lil catnap Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Professional pet photography: 40 wonderful and cute pictures of photogenic cats

"Ooooo what a beautiful meowwwning!" / Photo "aaaaaaaaaaaa" by David Charouz

Enjoy being loved

“Oh yeah, right there… That’s the spot, right there… ahhh feels good…” Photo via Elodie, Principessa Gatta