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Dark Souls 2 - Looking Glass Knight

androgynous armor dark_souls dark_souls_ii feet from_software full_body lips looking_glass_knight monochrome scathegrapes soles solo souls_(from_software)

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A silly little comic inspired by the special move the Desert Sorceress has, because I can't seem to stop drawing those ladies. Dark Souls - The kiss of death

Dark Souls 2 by n3tninja.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Here is a rendering of the Dark Souls 2 Warrior Knight. Will get back to it later but most definately finishing it !

tis but a flesh wound, ill just sit here and wait for you to punch me, so i can kill you

Dark Souls Heide Knight by SharkAlpha on deviantART - I have nightmares about this guy.

Dark Souls 2 - BONFIRE Poster by Crowsmack on Etsy

For today’s fun stuff, we’re revealing for you today the sequel to the Dark Souls vintage art posters we shared almost five months ago. Introducing the Dark Souls 2 vintage art posters. These Dark Souls…

Gavlan - Dark souls 2 fan art, Thomas Daïdé on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/gavlan-dark-souls-2-fan-art

Gavlan - Dark souls 2 fan art, Thomas Daïdé on ArtStation at…

Dark Souls 2 - Rosabeth of Melfia

Just found meeting Rosabeth and her coughing fits kinda funny. Don't know how long she's been petrified. Dark Souls 2 - Rosabeth of Melfia

Creighton the Wanderer, a character from Dark Souls 2. It's one of my favorite looking armors in the game.

I really like Creighton from dark sous 2 as his equipment is extremely worn showing he has defiantly seen a lot of combat, indirectly proving he has had a lot of experience.

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I haven't played dark souls but my brother has and from what I've seen, this is true