Curves is a new geometric print which plays with shape, pattern, colour and form. Inspiration came from a variety of sources including cut paper

Curves, open edition giclee print in blue



✖ 50 Stunningly Beautiful Geometric Patterns In Graphic Design – Design School

金魚 Express the color by combining the goldfish and the word "Kingyo." 魚と「きんぎょ」の文字を組み合わせて色彩表現しなさい。

You can make a plant-based version of any recipe you like, so veganize Asian food is pretty easy and it's still delicious.

si yo editara algún día un libro, quisiera una tapa así :3 インパクトを生む!パターングラフィックス


Surface design Pattern cover, i like the patch look to this image, i love the invert colours making it bighter