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Whether it’s Kim Kardashian’s recent, eye-skimming bangs, Sophie Bush’s thick straight fringe or Kate Moss’s sexy soft bangs, there are plenty of celebs who are rocking the bangs hairstyle! The Beauty Thesis

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Copper hair and complimentary makeup

I-Prom Makeup - Bella Thornes Makeup

Mary Kate Olsen hair :)

I love her hair and makeup. And I just loooovvee the Olsens.

Someday my hair will be this long!! Collar-bone length highlighted brown wavy hair with side part

Collar-bone length highlighted brown wavy hair with side part. And gimme those pants too.

I love everything about this hair style.clearly I need the "messy bed head" product to wear it like this. The bangs are even good looking with this

Jessica Biel

bangs in my future? Jessica Biel waves Jay Leno show summer 2012

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A week of no washing // Tegan — Treasures Travels

best bangs. pinterest/ delray, indianapolis, south florida

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