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We discuss some of the influences that went into Batman Arkham Knight and how lying made the game better.

Philosophy of love.

Joker and Harley Quinn quote. One of the reason I trust few people in my life 🙄

I'm Batman!

I'm Batman!

Caballero de Arkham

Caballero de Arkham

Breaking Down the 7 Minutes of Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay - IGN Rewind Theater - YouTube

Breaking Down the 7 Minutes of Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay - Rewind Theater

User Interface, Design, Animation, Screen Graphics, Cinematics, Flash Animation for Batman: Arkham Knight |

Much of the attraction to this series of Batman titles has been three-fold: great visuals, exciting action and how it all comes together with great

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How Batman reads "Where's Waldo." "Max has become a real-life Where's Waldo puzzle.

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Bruce Wayne, otherwise popularily known as Batman, is a fictional superhero character created by DC Comics. Unlike other superheroes, Batman does not posse

Argument from Batman

Batman Theodicy

Yeah, see, if God exercised His control over everything, life would be bo-ring without the dash.


This is my latest DC cover gig after Batgirl - Birds of Prey. I am really looking forward to work on the covers. Written by GAIL SIMONE Art by ARDIAN SY. Birds of Prey - issue 7