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lifeonsundays: “A sneak peek at where they make the world’s coolest yachts, beautifully captured by Benedict Redgrove and featured on Wired Design ”

Inside the Celestial Workshop That Makes the World's Fastest Yachts

Inside the Celestial Workshop That Makes the World's Fastest Yachts

Very few people have ever stepped foot on a boat made by yacht design studio Wally -builder of the fastest yachts on the planet-and even fewer have stepped


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streamlined ship

Another model of Norman Bel Geddes' "Whale" ocean liner.

The Rolls-Royce believe that remote-controlled unmanned vessels and vessels will by 2020 / В Rolls-Royce полагают, что беспилотные суда и суда с дистанционным управлением появятся к 2020 году foto 1

Rolls-Royce ‘oX bridge’ Autonomous Vessels concept on wordlessTech

Оригинал взят у watermelon83 в The Art of Fallout 4 - часть вторая, финал. Оружие, техника, архитектура и т.д. Кроме того, анонсированы первые длс, но о них мы поговорим в следующий…

The Art of Fallout 4

The Art of Fallout 4 - /// Vault 13

Photo: Jonas Lindström

Bertil Vallien for Kosta Boda

I'm getting some mass effect andromeda vibs

I'm getting some mass effect andromeda vibs

Roman Bertin

Roman Bertin


Shark paint job on commercial jet


Concept Off-shore Construction Vessel for Vard, by Montaag Design

Арестована мега-яхта российского миллиардера Андрея Мельниченко https://dni24.com/exclusive/114765-arestovana-mega-yahta-rossiyskogo-milliardera-andreya-melnichenko.html Мега-яхта российского известного миллиардера Андрея Мельниченко, являющегося владельцем «Еврохима», арестована вследствие исков больше чем на 15 300 000 евро. Информация сообщается изданием Yacht Harbour.

Philippe Starck yacht designed for Russian Billionnaire

Lütje-Yachts - Elbe 33

Lütje-Yachts - Elbe 33

lexus sport yacht concept designboom

LEXUS sport yacht concept brings luxury car design to the watercraft

From supercars to a super speedboat: Lexus unveils a stunning carbon-fibre sports yacht with twin engines and power-adjustable seats

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ステルス戦車 sekigan(ポーランド)

sovereign-is-the-best-reaper: makarov92

Stealth Tank: Poland has unveiled it's concept for the next generation stealth tank, which incorporates technology that makes it