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Magi  Why  does Alibaba  have so much stuff on! The outfit is so detailed...

Magi - Alibaba, Aladdin, & Morgiana getting dressed XD Alibaba takes the longest.

MAGI: The labyrinth of Magic. This is so true it hurts. Sinbad, baby... you need to learn when your people are behaving is when they are at their most deviously dangerous....

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic-Sinbads servants fighting!

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Fanalis, Magi the Labyrinth of Magic, Morgiana is so cute and cool

Magi: The labyrinth of magic. Kassim & Alibaba, a friendship that lives forever!!

Magi: The labyrinth of magic, Kassim & Alibaba I LOVED this scene, just because people live two different lives, doesn't mean one is happier than another.GAH KASSIM T^T

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Anime/Manga Fan Art Archives: Magi Labirynth of Magic by MonQMonk