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Le néerlandais Qugo développe des solutions de mobilité urbaine électriques. Son premier véhicule, le Q3, est un transporteur urbain individuel à trois roues dont le look est particulièrement origi…

Q3, transporteur urbain électrique par Qugo

Qugo is a three-wheeled electric personal transport features front wheel drive, supported by two.

Audi Nexus - Concept Vehicle by Marco Wilhelm » Yanko Design

Developed with guidance from the Audi Design Concept Studio and KISKA design, the Audi Nexus concept is a purpose-driven and efficient vehicle designed exclusively for the

Can-Am Spyder. Yes, please.

The 2009 Can-Am Spyder roadster is BRPs first on-road vehicle. This three-wheel vehicle, with two wheels in the front and one in the rear, offers a completely new and stunning look.

AKIRAみたいな日本製電動バイク「zecOO」 - Tom-Style|zenbackキーワーズ

futuristic motorcycles - Futuristic motorcycles are growing in popularity, from robotic racing bikes to hi-tech borrowed bicycles. Whether you own a motorcycle or not, thes.

Bently Ecuador Concept

Bently Ecuador Concept I'm sorry this is just the ugliest concept ever like really Bentley don't make a fucking hot wheel car vs lamborghini

Russians Vs. Germans

Russians Vs. Germans

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Wazuma V8 Quad Bike

Here's something you don't see everyday: the Lazareth Wazuma Matte Edition. This interestingly disguised toy is every guy's childhood dream

Funny looking camper.

Colim: Separating the car from the caravan

Bridging the gap between caravans and regular cars, designer Christian Susana has popped up with a multifunctional vehicle that functions as a caravan, when used as a whole, but when detached from the home part, it can also be used as a small car.

1897 Daimler Phaeton - Se fabricaron solo 87 unidades entre 1897 y 1901

The name Phaeton was first used in the Phaetons were four-wheeled, open-sided carriages which varied greatly in body style and passenger capacity. Really neat back in those days!

Ostoure concept bike by Mohammad Reza Shojaie

Super-naked Bike 'Ostoure' offers a muscular ride