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nossa mae e stark seu symbol

cyberclays: “ Lady Stark - Game of Thrones fan art by Stuart Harrington “Bitterly, she could feel the tears well in her eyes. With no one left on her list, she felt strangely hollow and lost.

Jon Snow and Ghost  Game of thrones

# Game of Thrones # Jon Snow # Jon Schnee # Ghost # Kit Harington

by Valeriya Lutfullina

"The Mystery of Tyr and Fenrir". As if Tyr and Fenrir are somehow part of each other. Remember, a kenning for Tyr is "The Leavings Of The Wolf".

justin sweet game of thrones | Razas (Huargens y Huargos)

Razas (Huargens y Huargos)

lordbryndenrivers: “The World of Ice and Fire Art - Jon Snow and Ghost “ Artist: Justin Sweet ” ”

Best Examples of GAME OF THRONES ART (23)

Best Examples of GAME OF THRONES ART (23)

All those sweet Dire Wolves. (I think I loved Shaggy Dog best.)

Starks and their dire wolves. (Forgive me if I spell the names wrong, going off memory lol) Aria = Nymeia Rickon = Shaggy Dog Rob = Ghost Rob = Grey Wind Sansa = Lady Bran = Summer

What the best dressed Game of Thrones Groom is wearing this season complete with Wolf accessory!


Kit Harington (Jon Snow) - Game of Thrones is seriously one of the most compelling shows with his dire wolf Ghost.