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Merlin Evil Heart

Funny - Merlin and Voldemort: we can see who the best sorcerer really is…

This is probably my favorite Merlin pin ever. Harry Potter/Voldemort and Merlin crossover

Katie on set as Morgana

♥ Romance of the Maiden ♥ couture gowns worthy of a fairytale - Katie McGrath as Morgana in Merlin

Katie McGrath

morgana-just noticed I think that is a green streak in her hair

merthur fanart | in which gwen represents us merthur shippers by freyasaivareinen fan ...

I like Gwen as Merlin's best friend (well, best after Arthur of course). And even more I like to think she ships Merthur Characters from BBC's Merlin. In which Gwen represents us merthur shippers

merlin tv series

Fantasy drama based on the legend of King Arthur and Merlin.

Merlin making Arthur laugh

Merlin making Arthur laugh

To any SuperWhoLockians who haven't seen Merlin: you're guaranteed to love it.

It's hilarious.

The Adventures of Merlin. About a wizzard who has to hide his power from King Arthur. But he is always saving King Arthur with his magic and the king thinks it just his luck.


Arthur "Old Merlin" scenes are the best! Merlin totally take advantage of Arthur when he's "old merlin"