Tsara Cigana:  Oração da Cura   Eu trago a força da Terra, doado...

Tsara Cigana: Oração da Cura Eu trago a força da Terra, doado...

Beautiful gipsy

The women at the old religion Rite dance and rattle their jewelry Vintage - peacock postcard (original from) Berlin early gypsy photo.'they wore a lot of jewelry and most of the women told fortunes and the men scammed people.

Designer de sobrancelhas

Microblading is a two step process and it can be an emotional ride during step one. But you'll love your brows after step two.

Los gitanos  de Rumania  !!!!!    HOLA BUENOS DIAS SEÑORITA !!!!!!!!!!BUNA DIMINATA..DRAGOSTEA MEA.....(buenos dias mi amor )

Roma, Kalderari women in Romania. The Kalderari or Kalderash is a group of Vlax Romani-speaking people in Europe. Many of these groups live in the Ukraine and Moldova. They are regarded as a tribe within the Roma.

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vintage everyday: 26 Lovely Photos of Young Girls as Fortune Tellers from the Late 19th to Early 20th Centuries

Carmel Myers (April 1899 – November was an American actress who worked chiefly in silent film.

Carruagem Cigana Gipsy Bohho Style

"spanish gypsies" (The soul of the gypsy wafts fragrance wherever it passes through)