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Hola Gominola!

New sad girl in the family :)

i am a girl. a girl with feelings. people dont like me. but its ok. i dont like me too. my thighs are fat. my stomach isnt flat. im too fat. i am a girl. im depressed and sad. i dont understand it. but i guess its ok. im always hurt. so i smile away. i wonder why i do it though. i am a girl. im always sad. but i smile. people dont realize that it hurts. but its ok. nobody will understand. when will they realize? i am a girl

The first major step in dealing with your depression is to actually identify what is causing you to be depressed. Figuring out what is causing you to be depressed will allow you to come up with solutions that can help you fight it out

Sad Girls Club

acid—katt: “ holographic-plants: “ ✧*:・◕‿◕ ” ☯✩What is your damage, Heather?

quotes about not being good enough for your friends - Google Search

Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Not good enough and always second best.

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I'm a junior and a percussionist. I always help out when they don't have enough percussionists for the grade concerts because some of them are taller than me.

Now, when I see a person alone, reading, they remind me of my old self, something that I used to be. That makes me feel hollow. What am I now?

I miss the girl that made everyone happy and didn't self-harm, wasn't suicidal. I miss the girl that had tons of friends. I miss the girl that didn't need cheering up because she was always happy. I miss the girl who used to be me.