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Kahn Defender 2.2

carsthatnevermadeitetc: “Land Rover Defender TDCI 90 Pick Up – Chelsea Wide Track, by Kahn Design. An earlier Defender-based project from the Chelsea Truck Company ”


This Mark IIa long wheelbase landrover has been converted to run on gauge…

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Stuart a friend of mine who has a Mann Egerton Land Rover 107 Tow Truck he is restoring sent me this great picture. His vehicle has already featured in LRO and is almost identical once he has replaced the Frost Crane withe the original fitting.

Trans Darien Expedition -1960. The first team to go from Panama to Colombia! In 1957, for the first time, there was thought of the need to promote a motor vehicle four wheel drive expedition, the Darien Sub-Committee was currently investigating. If the adventure was successful, it would provide the best proof that the adjoining regions of Panama and Colombia offered feasible building grounds for the Pan-American Highway and henceforth the financing of engineering survey research.

Land Rover Series I doing what it's supposed to do -- going off road. Taken during the famed Trans-Darien Expedition.