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By adding a plate guard to your crockery, you can easily eat one handed by using the high wall to push food onto your fork or spoon #AidsForDailyLiving

A plate guard can help a person eat with one the use of only one arm by allowing the guard to help scoop food onto a eating utensil and it can also prevent spillage.

Download Hackcess Handy Holder by Evavooo -

Printable Hackcess Handy Holder by Evavooo

Cup Holder 3d printed Cool cup holder. NO need to grip a handle of the cup.

Cup Holder

The speed-up of can realize a new world of a stylish but low cost assistive gadgets. Maybe something for Printer Chat? Maybe something for Printer Chat?

3D printing enables versatile, innovative, tools and aids for every aspect and period in our lives. Here are 5 examples plus a bonus.

What a Tool! 5 3D Printed Tools and Aids

For the dining hall! Crutch Cup and Can Holder by walter. For your crutches!

Minimal printable cupholder / canholder designed to be printed in one piece without support. Bolts through the unused holes in the crutch using