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Books are beautiful. Full of wisdom and knowledge. Preserved through time without the bias of an oral history.

Missing: Eyeglass holder Avoid scratches or crushing your specs in a tower of books

(by Iryna Yeroshko)

How to Write a Memorable Beginning and Ending


At Pretty Page Turner our favorite cover models are books. We can't get enough beautiful book photography of old books and their vintage bookshelf. Shabby chic décor doesn't get better than these vintage books.

Book architecture

It’s every bookworm’s dream to have an in-house library, so we’ve rounded up 24 incredible bookshelves you'll love! Check them out now.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” ~ Susan Sontag (American writer and filmmaker #Travel #Adventure www.spectrumholidays.com.au

Oh my word, the only things I want out of life. A passport, a journal, and a camera. Go explore.

I'd like to die surrounded by books. not in the unfortunate bookstore accident kind of way, but quietly reading in a room like this.

booksdirect: At the bookstore - Denizler Kitabevi Bookshop in Istanbul, specializing in antique maps and maritime books. Support your loca.


Old books.I love how you smell.I love how you feel.I love how you look :)

leave a note in a library book ➡️I have actually done this my entire life. I love leaving memories.


Esmè: I'm a huge fan of books. Not only do I love writing them but also reading them. My first year of teaching, the first thing I introduced to the children was books. I taught them the importance that books have on our lives.