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Yesterday I watched the documentary Muscle Shoals. It recounts the story of Rick Hall, founder of FAME Studios and legendary music producer. He came from the lowest level of poverty this country knows in a small nondescript town deep in Alabama. He may just be my new hero when it comes to living your dream out loud and never giving up on yourself and your talents even when it feels like the whole world has. If he can make a go of his improbable dream, we all can, too.

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Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. 🌊 私のなまえはニコラです。けんちくかです。日本語が勉強します。少し わかります。Tokyo - Belgrade

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有一天,所有的事都會明瞭的。所以現在,面對困擾就一笑置之,流淚的時候記得微笑,然後不斷的提醒自己,現在發生的每一件事都有它的理由。 More at:

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