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His branches shall spread, and His beauty shall be as the olive tree.

The beauty of Autumn

Acorns, so beautiful.from such a small thing unfolds generations of Mighty Oak Trees.this is the magic of love. (NOT evolving ❤).

Medicii recomandă 5-10 măsline negre sau verzi pe zi, pentru sănătatea inimii, sistemului nervos și protejarea împotriva bolilor inflamatorii și a cancerului.

Not all olives are created equal. But, when you get a nice bunch of Kalamata Olives to top your pizza with.What were we talking about?

Zeytin Marketi - Çizik Zeytin

Zeytin Marketi - Çizik Zeytin

Consuming a Mediterranean diet that is rich in extra virgin olive oil may be an effective way to protect people at high-risk for heart disease against diabetes.

8 Foods People Think Are Healthy (But Arent).most interesting one is that olive oil becomes a carcinogen when it is heated up so you shouldn't cook with it.they say use coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or safflower oil instead.