Intérieur inspiré par le monde imaginaire, visualisation : Robert Filipowicz

Loft industriel : une sélection d'intérieurs chics et bohèmes

One rather distinct quality of a loft is the fact that it offers a type of dynamism that is unmatched by any other type of building design. This loft living space takes you back to the years when steam engines ruled the world.

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steampunktendencies: Julie Dillon

Scholars' Tower by juliedillon on deviantART. I have to say that Julie Dillon is one of my favourite artists. Libraries, cats and strange bronze machinery - what is not to like?

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sexy steampunk girl lady chick sci fi victorian era dress tophat corset design costume cosplay handgun nerf blaster gun by FroweMinahild

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Explain Steampunk -"Possibilities", not "possabilities"; "a quasi-", not "an quasi" ("an" precedes a word beginning with a vowel); close the quotes after "Wild, Wild West". Steampunk is also literate and well-educated.

А этот неподражаемый дом на колесах создала художница Шеннон О’Хара. Прелестная сказочная машина не только привлекает внимание своей индивид...

self-propelled Victorian house called “Neverwas Haul” was built by a couple from California. It is constructed on the base of a wheel travel trailer and its rooms are crammed with all sorts of oddities including a camera obscura projector.

Steampunk Ship. Love it!

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английский викторианский стиль оранжерей: 20 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Edit: This is not SK Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner, Massachusetts, as mentioned before. It is a movie set from ‘The Haunted Mansion’

Awesome steampunk'd camera that really works!

Steampunk digital camera mod - Hatton Cross Steampunk United Geekdom Of GNU/Linux