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Our daughter had one of these when she was little...in the 80's.  I think it was one of those things that we saved for her.

Toy Flashback Nostalgia: had a 'Glow worm' toy & loved mine.

Sit N' Spin

Sit and spin! Now THIS is how a sit and spin is supposed to be. The ones now are so flimsy that 2 kids can barely fit on them together to really get a good spin going.

vintage tupperware | Vintage Tupperware | Vintage Tupperware-I Love It  I still have these and use them everyday

Tupperware Salt & Pepper shaker, been looking for these remind me of grandmas

Whistling lollipop.

The 50 Greatest Discontinued Foods and Beverages. Mg Spice Girl Lollipops! I had my backpack covered in the stickers from them :) OH MY GOSH MELODY POPS xD I used to eat those most of the time .

every mcdonalds had these & birthday parties!!

McDonald's high chair I remember this! Tray wrapped in plastic with plastic bid and cookies packet under it.

The Only Line I Remember From This Show Was: "Would You Like To Take a Survey???" And I remember the theme song haha

'Animaniacs': The '90s cartoon for the adult in every child

animaniacs (cartoons of the Vintage Cartoon Glasses Walt Disney TV shows in the 1950 Saturday morning cartoons at the movies.

Mcdonald's had actual characters!!

[Nostalgia = a feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness when you think about things that happened in the past] McDonalds ! Whatever happened to ronald mcdonald & his friends seems like his friends disappeared then slowly he disappeared too

Stir-up pants...had one in every color!

I freaking LOVED my stirrup pants! With long sweaters and ankle boots, that was my wardrobe statement in the >>> Stirrup Pants

I love my antenna tv. Just wish I could get a large outdoor antenna. Don't care for the digital.

Great TV Shows of the Past

Roof mounted TV antenna, popular in the Yelling up when you could finally see the TV picture. Got a newer model on our roof. Cable TV and satellite is expensive.

I used to get this magazine! I had forgotten all about it until I saw it again!

I loved Highlights magazine--the only trouble was that I only got to read it when I went to the dentist's office!

Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s: Tupperware Popsicle Molds

Chunky Heels 90s

Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the Tupperware Popsicle Molds. I still have my Mom's old Tupperware Popsicle molds!

Had to take turns getting up to change the channel and hit the side to stop it from rolling.  Lol

Huge wooden tv sets - that you had to change the channel. I remember that tv, man do i remember putting coins in side the tv thinking it's cool. Note that tv was our tv stand since it wasn"t working. Had that same tv.

“Mamá, cuelga el teléfono que me quiero conectar a Internet”. | 28 Cosas que no volveremos a decir jamás en la vida

Connecting to the internet - style. I remember the horrible noise it made during the dialling progress and if you couldn't use the phone and internet at the same time!