SILVER - Agence de Top Modèles de plus de 40 ans - Paris

SILVER - Agence de Top Modèles de plus de 40 ans - Paris How about a natural friendly smile, and light eye makeup? The hard seductress look has truly been played out.

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Effortless French Style, Today's look is all about simple yet classic styling. I paired these Celine black pants with a silky cream top with black neck tie.

How to Style Black Pants - Effortless French Style By Beauty Expert Nikol

“As we stand there, it hits me how quickly everything changes - how life is like peering into a kaleidoscope, and just as you're looking at a gorgeous pattern you think you'd maybe even like to keep around forever, the colors morph into something completely different, and there's no getting back to that first pattern. No matter how much you'd like to see it again.”  ― Holly Schindler, A Blue So Dark

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Silver model management is an international model agency based in Paris, representing top models over 40 years old for fashion, advertising, editorial and film

Marie Seznec's beautiful silver hair.

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