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Nagano Toyokazu | Photogenic Laundry Girl

Why do you need a model if you have such a lovely daughter? Japanese photographer Toekatsu Nagano, created a stunning photo album with pictures of his daughter Cannes. Photo album called simply: «My daughter Kanna

https://flic.kr/p/b8n7vv | Rock'n Flower | PENTAX67(90㎜/f5.6)×kodak PORTRA400

Japanese Photographer Dad Lovingly Photographs Daughter In Humorous Situations

Mosh Under The Rainbow | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Having kids is one of the many life-changing experiences in a person's life, and for many new parents, it triggers the video-taking, photo-snapping instinct in

= ภาพถ่าย...กล้องฟิล์ม...กับโลกใบเล็กของสาวน้อยแห่ง "Kanazawa" = - Pantip

= ภาพถ่าย...กล้องฟิล์ม...กับโลกใบเล็กของสาวน้อยแห่ง "Kanazawa" = - Pantip

Japanese Photographer Toyokazu Takes Cutest Pictures of His 4-year-old Daughter

Japanese Photographer Takes Cutest Pictures of His 4-year-old Daughter

Nagano Toyokazu is a Japanese photographer that applied his creativity to his animated old daughter, Kanna, to achieve some wildly fun pictures and memories. In an interview with The Japan Times, Toyokazu is asked about how he chooses what.

This is just adorable. Nagano Toyokazu is a photographer in Japan, who has taken a bunch of amazing photos of his four-year old daughter, Kanna, in a range of wonderfully imaginative and cute settings. Kanna’s personality shines in these super-kawaii photos, and it’s almost too much to bear. The whole office here would’ve looked through […]

Japanese photographer takes spellbinding photos of his 4-year-old daughter

Japanese photographer Nagano Toyokazu produced a series entitled My daughter Kanna, which staged his little 4 year-old girl in the middle of a deserted road.

Nagano Toyokazu //////////////////////  Engagement Hula Ring

Toyokazu Nagano's "Magic Road" - the funniest, most adorable photos you'll see today