Love this photo..

Eddie Vedder happens to be one of my favorite artists. I am a HUGE Pearl Jam fan…

O homem mais lindo que eu já vi na vida!

by Paul Cashmere Eddie Vedder shed Pearl Jam and stayed back in Australia after Big Day Out for his own solo tour. Pearl Jam played a .

Haha Yellow Ledbetter. I don't think even Eddie knows the actual words...

Pearl Jam and director Cameron Crowe talk about the band's new moive, 'Pearl Jam Twenty,' and what makes them continue to play.

"Then you find yourself in a situation of being able to use your music to perhaps effect change." - Eddie Vedder

You voted for the Afternoon Eye Candy hottie last Thursday. Tom Welling took the crown, but Eddie Vedder was a close second.


Looks like he just got finished with a lovely romp in a (mine) bed!

Pearl Jam

Your hall pass to Eddie Vedder & the Eddie Vedder edition of "hey girl"

Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder

For my fellow Eddie Vedder enthusiasts. ~~ This made my day. :) ----- "13 hot things about Eddie Vedder"

For my fellow Eddie Vedder enthusiasts. :) ----- hot things about Eddie Vedder" freaking awesome video and song to go along with it. Amazing human being.

PJ Wishlist : "For fifty million hands up raised and opened toward the sky."

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