Cy Twombly - Madness

Twombly, Cy Summer Madness 1990 Oil, gouache, pencil and crayon on paper 59 x 49 x 126 cm)

Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly - CY TWOMBLY: I'm southern and Italy is southern. Actually, it wasn't all that scholarly, my reason for going to Rome.

Cy Twombly When of my all time favorites. I dream about this piece. Love all that color and white space

Cy Twombly, Proteus I missed the smell of the paint when I used to spend afternoons at the gallery, surrounded by your work.

Cy Twombly / Où : Centre Pompidou, place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris / Quand : Du 30 novembre 2016 au 24 avril 2017 / Cy Twombly, Coronation of Sesostris, 2000 / © Pinault Collection - Photo: Robert Mc Keever

Les expositions de la rentrée

Les expositions à ne pas manquer cet automne : Cy Twombly au Centre Pompidou

Lyrical Abstraction by Cy Twombly

“ “ Cy Twombly, Scenes from an Ideal Marriage, 1986 Acrylic and pencil on paper ” ”

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Cy Twombly, Unknown

These images, selected from my book Reading Cy Twombly: Poetry in Paint, indicate the range and provocation of Cy Twombly’s works on canvas and paper, pointing especially to his inventive use of literary quotation and allusion throughout his long career a