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friench bulldog♡

ok ok, i didnt literally LOL but this made me smile. Costumes of a Dog Named Trotter, Photos by Sonya Yu

10 Most Hilarious French Bulldog Photos By Sonya Yu | The Most 10 Of Everything

The Hilarious Costumes of a Dog Named Trotter, Photos by Sonya Yu dogs

Instagram’s Most Hipster French Bulldog

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Adorable Portraits of Trotter the French Bulldog Modeling Various Outfits. Go Giants!

So me! ALWAYS talking, half the time it's to myself!!

laughing dog :)) how adorable, beautiful dog, which is alot to say about a bull dog!

French Bulldog....I will have one of these lil cuties :)

French bulldog with his snow coat on! Let me get the door for you sir.

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