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Jimmy Carter: I've spent decades building homes for the poor, yet conservative Christians hate me. Donald Trump: I've spent decades kicking poor people out fof their homes, yet conservative Christians adore me.

Ohhhh My - If you Don't know History, it can be REPEATED!

How religion and propaganda are used to keep voters captive to the greedy ideology of corrupt corporations and their paid, political puppets

Tyrants and Fascists try to discredit and delegitimize the media, not real leaders, who complain about the press, but know how vital it is to democracy. Like Thomas Jefferson, who was subjected to tawdry gossip written about him since the press had no journalistic standards in his day, yet he still strongly supported the press. And Trump doesn't criticize all media outlets, not the conservative ones who are fervently pro-Trump, who never criticize him, don't hold him accountable or ask for…

Actually the media, celebrities and elites all cozied up to the listed tyrants. You somehow neglected to list Clinton and Obama though.

Not to mention he's a narcissistic egomaniac who simply wants the presidency just for more bragging rights.

We ALL should be ashamed at what an Ugly Turn some in this country have taken. The Republican Party and the Utter Destruction and Division they've caused since President Obama was elected is a National Disgrace.

A campaign that started calling the critical press "fake" "liars" restricting certain reporters from rallies, allowing objects thrown and encouraging violence told us his agenda. Dismantle and make his base doubt the truth at the start.