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Kings Bears kill little children, Hitler analogy.yes, this is really in the Bible.


Torture, Death, The Cross, Jesus. 1500 year old Bible claims Jesus Christ was not crucified - vatican in awe.

Still struggling to choose the top religion? Pigeonhole yourself for all eternity with the second part of our cut-out-and-keep metaphysical card game. Devised by Christina Martin, illustrated by Martin Rowson

Reason #1209381209830198 why the Old Testament isn't true. Atheism, atheist, god meme, atheist lols

If God is all knowing and all powerful, why did he make Rebecca Black and Kim Kardashian? A look at the Epic Troll God meme!


Christians are in an uproar over the movie Noah, claiming too much of the plot is made up. Apparently the fictitious movie about a fictitious story from a fictitious book isn't historically accurate.

Think they're related?! Funny how if we lost all of America's atheist population, we'd lose OVER 90% of our science community and yet LESS than 1% of our prison population.

America's atheist population includes over of our science community, and less than of our prison population.

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The Bible, Cherry Picking. These people take the Bible as the literal word of god and it fills them with hate! Whilst the majority of Christians ignore of the Bible by cherry picking the few nice bits. What does that tell you about their religion?