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Israel is a War Criminal  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=320854301343619=a.318585191570530.70523.318506794911703=1_count=1

Israel committing war crimes is nothing new. remember when they used white phosphorus? Oh wait, maybe the media forgot to tell you.

Seriously Do You NOT See What's WRONG With This Photo??? ... This is ONE of many ways Israel tries to control and intimidate the Palestinians ... Israel needs to be held accountable for its WAR CRIMES ...  kd ...    Free Palestine

Israeli soldiers bravely takes down small Palestinian boy. Phew, good thing there were three of them!

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[Baby Dead body ice cream freezer ] Gaza casualties stocked up in vegetable refrigerators as death toll tops 1650

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"World Refugee Day, June isn’t a date I usually mark on my calendar. But this year, I think it’s worth paying attention. Amidst all the recent news reports on Syria, one thing has been missing from the headlines – the people.

#SYRIA  #AssadWarCrimes  #ObamaWarCrimes  #ChildrenOfSyria  #FreeSyria  #Freedom  #Syrian_Revolution

#SYRIA #AssadWarCrimes #ObamaWarCrimes #ChildrenOfSyria #FreeSyria #Freedom #Syrian_Revolution

Gotta start 'em young.

PHOTO: Illegal Israeli settler on West Bank shows his very young son how to work a machine-gun 6 May

Free Palestine by saurukent on deviantART

we arn't the pakistanis,indians,british,saudis,or.we are One Ummah! And our Flag is only(( لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ ) sallallaho alaihey wa sallam)


Pinner writes: "PHOTO: Israeli soldiers holding a Palestinian child . Palestine under occupation." *This is daily life in Palestine

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Palestinian children refugees Uprooted from the land of their ancestors to accommodate the survivors of another injustice in Europe.