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5 Most playful cat breeds - Russian Blue - We have one of these and he's awesome. Sweet, peace loving and gentle. 9 years old and still loves to play.

This cat looks just like mine. Cosmo!

Pure bred Russian Blue cat peeking curiously from behind a plant

Nebelung (also known as Longhaired Russian Blue) - Dorian | Nebelungs have a silky blue-gray coat

Learn everything about Nebelung Cats. Find all Nebelung Cat Breed Information, pictures of Nebelung Cats, training, photos and care tips.

How cat people wake up…  This is true, except Snarf bites my husbands face first.

How cat people wake up…

Funny pictures about How cat people wake up. Oh, and cool pics about How cat people wake up. Also, How cat people wake up.


I had a russian blue cat, she was the most beautiful, independent and dignified cat, very spoiled. My Fina Girl Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat

"RUSSIAN BLUE" Cat Facts ~ This is a Naturally Occurring Breed: Russian Blues aren't a product of cross breeding, but rather a natural breed of cat. There are no specific recurring health problems associated w/ Russian Blues