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Kimmidoll 和福娃娃 Mana

Kimmidoll 和福娃娃 Mana

Kimmidoll Mana - 'Lovely' - "My spirit is endearing and enchanting. With your sweet temperament and adorable ways you share my lovely spirit. Everywhere you go and in everything you do may the world always see all that is enchanting and beautiful in you.

Air mail stickers

Air mail stickers

Mini Doll 3.5x6.0cm YUMEKO / The Oriental Shop

Kimmidoll™ Yumeko - 'Dream Child' - "My spirit is hopeful and free.

Gotochi Goodness

'Gotochi' ご当地 means local in Japanese and there are plenty of gotochi things to be found in Japan by prefecture or city etc.

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✿ Kimmidoll Illustration ~ "Yoshiko" 'Good Luck' ✿ "My spirit is generous and…

Ayana 'Colourful'  My spirit is rich and deep. By exploring and embracing the richness and diversity of life you discover the depth of my spirit. May your love of discovering new places, people and different ways of life, enrich and bring colour and dimension to every step of your journey.

✿ Kimmidoll™ "Ayana" ~ 'Colourful' ✿ "My spirit is rich and deep.

My spirit is unique and diverse. By embracing the woman you are you celebrate my spirit. When you express your femininity in your unique way you reveal my diversity. You help to make the world a richer place by simply being you.