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Felted mouse playing leapfrog on antique wooden spools by FeltSpecial, €115.00

Felted mouse playing leapfrog on antique wooden door FeltSpecial

Needle Felted Hedgehog

What's up with the Hedgehog? I like his softer spiky hair. Hedgehogs are popular felting creatures. I avoided them because of the spikes, but now.

Mother and baby mouse

Needle felted white mouse with baby by Laurie Valko, mama ratona

Veganize this! Wool is the product of a cruel, exploitative industry! There's no need to exploit, steal from, harm or murder someone in the name of art or ANY other purpose. Always seek animal-free/cruelty-free & eco-friendly alternatives for your craft projects & daily living. Educate yourself (at vegankit.com & befairbevegan.com) & watch The Wool Industry EXPOSED! What They Don't Want You To Know https://youtu.be/siTvjWe2aVw & Is Wool Vegan? Humane? https://youtu.be/M5Ge5raSOfU

Needle felted duckling, life sized baby bird, Easter basket spring home decor. via Etsy.