Clean the front of your house in preparation for your guests.. 浴衣美人 yukata beauty

打ち水 (uchimizu) is the custom of summertime, Japan, of sprinkling water to keep down dust and to cool pavements, done especially in front entrance of shops.

Kyoto Japon

Obi maiko The beautiful belt or waist wrapping on the Kimono of a Maiko, the apprentice Geisha, seen from the rear.


☆玉城ティナ (Tina Tamashiro) at the ema board. 絵馬 (ema) is a votive horse tablet to hang at shrines.

classy windowpane check kimono - Kikuyuu as a full-fledged geiko. She was famous for doing a documentary with the BBC about her time as a shikomi and her entrance into the maiko world. Glad to see she's made it!

On her way to see Mizuekai. When I got the courage to approach her a bit later, I told her quickly (because she was really busy) I had seen her documentary as a shikomi. She smiled, bowed, and thanked me, then headed off.