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Digitally Altered Trees Resemble Ghostly Spirits - My Modern Metropolis

Digitally Altered Trees Resemble Ghostly Spirits

In her latest series Disturbing the Spirits, photographer Ellen Jantzen shows us beautiful, ghostly visions of trees as they would appear throughout the se

Ellen Jantzen 'Continuing Onward'

Ten Questions with Ellen Jantzen Toward Profusion Ten Questions with Ellen Jantzen! Ellen’s work makes me want to go on an.

Zen Take a moment to get away from modern life. Reflect. It's a world worth saving. Live green

Feng shui healing is possible when you know how to use it the right way, but it is first important to understand its basics. Feng shui basically means wind and.

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ellen jantzen

PHOTOGRAPHY: Place of Departure by Ellen Jantzen Conceptual photos that questions what happens when a loved one dies. [[MORE]]These digitally-enhanced images by artist Ellen Jantzen have an ethereal.

Alkan Hassan - Film and Digital Photography

Alkan Hassan - Film and Digital Photography

Commissioned Pictures by Roman  Jehanno, via Behance

Roman Jehanno specialises in digital photography, all of which are edited to a high standard. A few of Roman's clients include; Ikea, PCF Front de Gauche and Bald Empathy Movement.

Japan | por momoyama

Portrait A portrait of the maiko Naokazu. If you love trick digital photography that anyone can create.