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Gastornis is an extinct genus of large flightless birds that lived during the late Paleocene and Eocene epochs of the Cenozoic era. Initially thought to be a predator, new theories suggest this large bird may have been a herbivore.

Dinosaurs.  Prehistoric Pangaea.

The Supercontinent Pangaea of the Triassic Period - A map of the Earth around 250 to 200 million years ago featuring Gondwanna, Laurasia and Pangaea the Supercontinent. Populated with Dinosaurs, Therapsids, Pterosaurs, and other prehistoric beasts.

Phorusrhacos (more commonly known as the terror bird) 8 foot tall killer birds used to be the top predators of South America before the saber-toothed cats moved in had relatives in North America in Walking with Beasts


Art illustration - Prehistoric Birds - Phorusrhacos: is a genus of giant flightless predatory birds that lived in Patagonia, the family of the Phorusrhacidae, containing a single species; the Phorusrhacos longissimus.


C loves dinosaurs.

prehistoric-birds:  A group of Dromornis, the largest of the dromornithids  (Illustration by Simona Prokešová)

prehistoric-birds: A group of Dromornis, the largest of the dromornithids (Illustration by Simona Prokešová) : Classification Règne Animalia Embranchement Chordata Sous-embr.

Paraceratherium. Larges known land mammal (about 16 ft tall at the shoulders). Prehistoric herbivore.

Largest known land mammal (about 16 ft tall at the shoulders), like a really really really big rhino.

Gigantopithecus: 3m ape lived to 100kya

Gigantopithecus is a supposed, extinct ape species. Could it be that descendants of this species still roam remote areas of the world?

Carcharocles megalodon Snacking on a Platybelodon in Miocene Waters. This image depicts the probably rare but plausible encounter between the giant shark Carcharocles (jaw diameter estimated at eleven feet) and a medium-sized proboscidean, Platybelodon.

While we may not have time machines, a Canadian paleoartist, Julius Csotonyi, provides us with the next best thing in an illustration from his new book.

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Stegosaurus: Late Jurassic, 155–150 Ma): Thyreophora: Discovered by Marsh, 1877: Artwork by Nytcrawler

Stegosaurus: Late Jurassic, Ma): Thyreophora: Discovered by Marsh, Artwork by Nytcrawler