ArtStation - Stylized Sword: Wildstar Fanart., Panbhu Ratanavichein

Hand-painted sword from game Wildstar. *This is not my original design, all credit belong to the arts designer of Wildstar game.

#bloodborne - DeviantArt

Finished the game and love it to the max. So decided to do some weapon fanarts. I thought would be cool if there's twinblade in bloodborne. Twinblades in dark souls.

Sunset Overdrive concept art is as jovial as the game itself | VG247

Sunset Overdrive is a colourful game which is partly due to its concept art. The concept art featured below is created by Vaughan Ling, one of the con…

Bloodborne weapon concept art

I've got an idea for a fist/shield. The only shield as of now is a wooden shield. maybe there can be something like a trick weapon shield? Bloodborne Fanart - Bone of Morius weapon idea