maike plenzke

maikeplenzke: This is an illustration I did two months ago for the calendar of my illustration class. We were completely free to draw everything we like. So why not some blackberries and a mouse.

That is just so cute, he just wants a little sip  .....p.s he doesn't actually like cheese!

New Morning by kapieren ~ Jake, isn't this cute! I hope this morning finds you and your mum well, and is the start of a great weekend!

Lissy Marlin: Small sketch of Thumbelina I made this a few days back for Sketch Dailies and it was super fun to do!


'Zermatt' by Becca Stadtlander, Digital print of an original gouache painting, printed on matte paper with archival inks


'She kissed the bear on the nose' From "Bella's Glorious Adventure" by Helena Nyblom John Bauer [Swedish painter and illustrator,


Santa Fe, Argentina based motion and graphic designer Lisandro Schurjin impressed me by the huge fantasy illustration.

More Gorgeous Work By Isabelle Arsenault

I love the illustrated work of Montreal-based illustrator Isabelle Arsenault. Her work is perfectly suited to book illustration, which is.