Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

Photo by voodoufairy / men's tribal tattoos / wasteland face paint inspiration / post apocalyptic makeup / cosplay / costume / LARP

Black tribal makeup

Black tribal makeup


This FX makeup is so well done. I am really intrigued by the beak prosthetic and how well is forms to the structure of her face. SFX prosthetics and accessories. Looks like a harpie.

i'd love to havee the balls to be able to rock this amazing tattoo... love the brush stroke photo by Julie Marie Gene

Fre(e)men Photography: Julie Marie Gene Model : Morgan Dubois MUA : Joey Delish Plug Jewelry : Oaks


Fierce and Beautiful Mohawk natural hair dreadlocks


20 erstaunliche Gesichts Tattoos

Tattooed eyeballs Full face and body tattoos Ear plugs Nose plugs Piercings Implants

Anitsiskwa_XI - House of Malakai

House Of Malakai aka (HOM) is a label which emcompasses the eclectic creations of Malakai Hom.

Tribal The Tribe - LivingDreadDoll by wildebildereien - Post Apocalyptic Wasteland War Paint Warrior Mad Max voodoo shaman

She is fierce. She brings the fight to the battle.

Modifications and tattoos.

Wasteland cyberpunk hoody - Inspiring Future-Fashion-Board at Pinterest: search for pinner "Jochen Wojtas"

The face paint

Charmed dreadlocks.

dreadlocked man with facial tattoos :: Interesting style for simplified tattoos.

facial scars

Scar on her face exactly like this

Photographer: H. James Hoff. Model: Ruca.

Body modification is a term that is generally associated with tattooing and piercing but can included scaring and stretching. Shamans use modification as a means to achieving an altered state.JW - Photographer: H.

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

Makeup and dipped fingers