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yes! I feel as though so much gets lost in translation from what someone's intentions are when they say something to what is perceived/heard

INTJ - Do you understand? It just has to do with perspective, we value many, and objectively look at each. We don't expect but only a few can keep on track with us, as we explore them and ask for input.

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I smile like nothing's wrong; act all perfect, pretend im okay but inside he really hurt my feelings. I may be smiling, but im a flower who wilted in the inside. I can't believe he did that.

I must not let it affect me...

For me it's like all of these "I must not let it affect me" and in the end it's like "fuuuuuck.

I'm going to be ok, but you're still an asshole.

pinning this for when I can look at this and say "you really are a fucking asshole." and "my heart isn't broken anymore"<<<<>>>> Amen to that.

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I overthink pretty much everything.. But im learning that where the trouble begins. Is in my own head

INFJ I overthink pretty much everything. But im learning that where the trouble begins. Is in my own head