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Ryan Gosling acts out "Hey, Girl" memes. Just his giggling is worth pinning this. - hahahaha omg this is hilarious. he's just so embarassed

Ryan Gosling Acts Out "Hey, Girl" Meme

Pin to watch later: Ryan Gosling reads "Hey, Girl" memes. it's mostly hilarious because he's dying laughing!

Oh the joys of Mormon pick up lines :)

mormon hey girl ryan gosling" Even the mormons are getting in on this action.

I know a few friends who would love this....lolol

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. But here's a wedding ring, so wear it maybe. - Ryan Gosling // Tell me you can say this without singing.

If anyone ever saw my craft store receipts . . . BTW - this is who I picture when I think of Christian Grey, and he so looks the part in this pic (except I don't think Mr. Grey would approve of the wrinkled-because-they-are-fresh-out-of-the-package curtains).

The Ugly Sweater: Hey Girl . I don't think he could possibly have found ALL of my Michael's receipts. And even if he did -- he still hasn't found the JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby ones.

ryan gosling hey girl

Ryan Gosling Photos - Actor Ryan Gosling suffers a bad case of bedhead as he stops at a local to pick his morning iced coffee. - Ryan Gosling at

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hey girl i know nursing school is hard. i don't mind staying up with you to make coffee - ryan gosling hey girl

Top 25 Pictures of Ryan Gosling's Beard.

Top 25 Pictures Of Ryan Gosling's Beard

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