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Es Increíble Lo Que Se Puede Lograr Con Tan Sólo Contenedores. Especialmente La Última

This shipping container home in Flagstaff, Arizona was built by Ecosa Design Studio. It was made from 6 containers and offers concrete floors, glass, walnut wood and even a rooftop terrace.

After: Midcentury Glamour - 8 x 20 interior of shipping container - design start HGTV

Design Star All Stars: Photo Highlights From Episode 4

How to Build a Shipping Container Cabin I have tried to summarize my construction posts here to make it easier for someone to get an overview of what was done.  I consider this a living document and will try to make additions and changes as my cabin progresses.

3 Shipping Containers Open To Reveal One Super Stylish & Secure Offgrid Cabin - Tiny House for Us

Several shipping containers make this light filled great room. #shipping containers

Shipping Container Homes Designed With an Urban Touch

Casas container  com dois ou mais pisos para pessoas que buscam novas experiências e um novo jeito de morar. Morar diferente e de forma eco...

This innovative Infiniski Manifesto House concept is designed by architects James and Mau. Aside from the obvious sexy exterior, the house is very eco friendly as evidenced by the construction process that maximize use of renewable and alternative energy.

Adam Kalkin / Architecture + Hygiene - prefab housing from containers

12 Container House By Adam Kalkin. Single Family Prefab Sustainable Modular Home Made Out Of 12 Shipping Containers. The Premiere Shipping Container Architecture Example. MY DREAM HOME